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MISSION: Ballet Renaissance is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to educating and inspiring youth and the community through the art of classical ballet.


HISTORY: Established in Michigan in June of 1997, Ballet Renaissance has a long history of building bridges that span urban and suburban communities, uniting individuals in common vision. Sustaining the traditional, Ballet Renaissance remains open to new visions of hope and creative solutions to modern challenges. A long history of alliances with various artists and organizations, poises Ballet Renaissance for its current partnerships. In 2011, Ballet Renaissance expanded the scope of its mission, and established a second branch in Colorado.


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Dress Code

At Ballet Renaissance "Every day is picture day!"  Aesthetics is an important part of the classroom environment and the art of classical ballet. There is a dress code for all children's ballet and teen ballet classes. There is no admission to class without proper dress code. (Adult Ballet students may wear appropriate ballet classroom attire of his or her choosing. We do require all adult students to wear proper ballet shoes for class – pink for ladies, and black  for men).


Girl's Dress Code

Plain black leotard (must be long sleeve,

please make sure that straps from crop

tops, sports bras, etc, are not be visible

under the leotard  - we recommend

wearing a beige camisole leotard under the

black classroom leotard, if extra modesty or

support is needed, see below);  no skirts, leg

warmers or other warm-up attire during the class

itself;  pink  tights covering entire foot, pink leather

ballet shoes (with draw strings tucked completely and

securely inside the shoes); hair secured neatly in an "up do"

(off face and back of neck). No hair decorations,

headbands or scarves of any kind. No jewelry or watches

(small pierced ear rings are OK).  All girls are required to

purchase a beige-colored camisole leotard. Camisole must

be worn under costumes at all times (camisole may also be

worn under classroom leotard, see above). Camisoles are

important for keeping costumes clean and for preventing

dancer’s skin from being irritated by the costume.  Camisoles

are worn like a bathing suit as a layer of modesty and provide

a smooth aesthetic line under both costumes and classroom



Boy's Dress Code

Plain white, fitted short sleeve t-shirt, black tights, black leather

ballet shoes (dance belt required for teens). Performance costumes are provided by Ballet Renaissance.



Ballet Renaissance students perform twice annually (winter and spring) and at other times throughout the community.

Photo: Andrew Shafer


If you are interested in participating, please fill out  reachus form , and Ballet Renaissance will contact you directly with further information. Class assignment is initially based upon the age of the student (does not apply to adult students). Ballet Renaissance instructors will make final class placement recommendations based on observation of each individual student during the first several weeks of classes

Costumes, Performance Fee & Fund-Raisers

Ballet Renaissance purchases and maintains all costumes to alleviate the burden on families (and the general waste) of purchasing costumes a child or teen will wear once and outgrow. This model also enables Ballet Renaissance to maintain a full wardrobe of costumes available for encore performances that students are invited to participate in, at various community events, throughout the year. To support costs associated with

purchasing and maintain these costumes, as well as other costs associated with

performances and the class season in general, performing students submit a

$100 seasonal performance fee (once in the fall and once in the winter/spring).

The performance fee may be either be submitted outright or "raised"

by participating in the seasonal fund-raiser.




Our outreach programs in both Michigan and Colorado provide no charge or low charge on site ballet training and performance experiences to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Outreach classes in Michigan takes place on site at local public and charter schools. Outreach classes in Colorado take place in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County (Estes Park and Loveland). Outreach is sponsored in large part by individual philanthropists who make seasonal or annual charitable gifts to support this important work. If you would like to make a tax deductible charitable gift toward our outreach program in Michigan or Colorado, please scroll down to the Donate button at the bottom of the page, or mail your tax deductible charitable donation to "Ballet Renaissance":  PO Box  3768 Estes Park, CO 80517.  Please remember to indicate whether the gift is for our Michigan or Colorado outreach program, in the memo section of your check.

Reach Us

Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI

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Ballet Renaissance

P.O. Box 3768

Estes Park, CO 80517


313-469-0694 (MI)

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"Hi I'm Naima.


I was once a ballerina... I was given the opportunity and gracious gift to learn the classical art amidst a disheartening and challenging circumstance, where other wise it would have not been possible.

Ballet taught me so much and added great value to my life. It gave me strength and grace, physically, mentally and in my heart. Ballet gave me courage and a voice as an artist. It gave me direction. It was and continues to be a powerful tool that allows me to fulfill my life long dream of inspiring people through art!

THANK YOU Brianna Furnish and Ballet Renaissance for that opportunity and giving me the courage to take my dreams to NYC and begin my career as a performing artist! Since then, I have had the opportunity to accomplish and garnish so many accolades, the foundation being the love, care and support Ballet Renaissance gave me as a blossoming young women, talent and artist facing the world. I am deeply appreciative and grateful for that!


Xoxo -Naima"


(Naima Mora, Cycle 4 winner of America's Next Top Model)


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We need your support!

To make a tax deductible gift to Ballet Renaissance (Michigan or Colorado) click the Donate button below or mail your gift to Ballet Renaissance PO Box 3768 Estes Park, CO 80517. If  your gift is in memory or honor of someone special, please kindly make a note in the memo section of your check. Thank you for your heartfelt, generous gift.