Loveland Pulliam Building


  tuition pay


Fall 2018 (3 pay periods) -Winter/Spring 2019 (4 pay periods)

with performances in December and May


Total of nine 4-week pay periods

August 23, 2018 - May 11, 2019

A- via cash or check to Ballet Renaissance at class time: $250/4 week pay period


B - for a 10% discount via PayPal Subscribe: $225/pay period


Also due is a $100 Spring Performance Fee

This fee may be earned through the Annual Spring Fundraisier

or paid in full via the PERFORMANCE FEE button below

 4 x $112.50 auto pay

(note: the day you subscribe is the day your tuition will be deducted)

One time

Performance Fee $100

Due by April 9th